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Significance of cupping can be seen by the fact that our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) advised cupping (Hijama) in about 28 holy instructions (Hadits) and laid great emphasis in using it. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “ The best treatment is cupping, it removes blood, lightens the back and sharpen the eyesight.” [Collected by Al – Hakim 4/212 and At-Tirmidhi 3053].

Few ahadiths in which Prophet (PBUH) urged the people to use cupping are:

The messenger of Allah (PBUH) also said, “Cupping is the most helpful procedure for human beings to cure themselves.”
[Collected by Al-Bukhari: 5357, and Muslim 5371]

In one hadith narrated, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) explained that it is one of the best medicines,” The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is cupping, or it is one of the best of your medicines.” Or “The treatment you can use is cupping.” [Collected by
Al-Bukhari: 5371]

Abu Hurairah (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, "If there was something excellent to be used as a remedy then it is cupping (hijama)." [Saheeh Sunan abi Dawud (3857), Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah (3476)]. 

Abdullah ibn Abbas (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, "I did not pass by an angel from the angels on the night journey except that they all said to me: Upon you is cupping (hijama), O Muhammad." [Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah (3477)]

In the narration reported by Abdullah ibn Mas'ud (may Allaah be pleased with him) the angels said, "Oh Muhammad, order your Ummah (nation) with cupping (hijama)." [Saheeh Sunan Tirmidhee (3479)]

Rasullullah (saw) said," Jibrail alaisalam repeatedly emphasised upon me to resort to cupping to the extent that I feared that cupping will be made compulsary." - Jamul' Warsaii p.179

According to a hadeeth narrated by Jaabir (may Allaah be pleased with him), the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If there is any good in your medical treatments, it is in the knife of the cupper, drinking honey, or cauterization with fire, as appropriate to the cause of the illness, but I would not like to be cauterized.” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 10/139)
Jaabir ibn Abdullah (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, "Indeed in cupping (hijama) there is a cure." [Saheeh Muslim (5706)]

Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with them both) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was treated with cupping, and he paid the cupper his fee.” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 10/124; Muslim 1202).


Ibn Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, "Cupping (hijama) on an empty stomach* is best. In it is a cure and a blessing. It improves the intellect and the memory..." [Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah (3487)].


Why we get affected with diseases and pains?

In our daily life we come across with several sources of toxic waste and as we grow older this will get worse, this sources of toxic waste include the polluted air we breathe; toxic chemicals found in your food, water, drinks, household chemicals & toiletries; environmental waste in your neighborhood; intoxicating drinks, narcotic drugs, junk food and smoking; waste products of normal body metabolism; products of medicinal drugs metabolism; impact of trauma and accidents on our body; and toxins from mental stress, anger, anxiety and depression. 

This will lead to blood stasis (stagnated or congested blood) which slow down or block supply of blood via blood capillaries which deliver much needed oxygen, nutrients, water, mineral electrolyte, vitamins, enzymes, hormones and immune system cells & antibodies to your cells, tissues and organ.

The blockages also prevent the removal of carbon dioxide, metabolic waste products and toxic substance, which are excreted via our urine, lungs and skin. As a result your cells, tissues, and organs cannot function at its normal healthy level and become progressively weak, inefficient, and easily overcome by germs. This would cause tissue or organ to malfunction and infection to take place. 

Therefore you will experience symptoms of diseases such as aches and pain, numbness, fever, cough, stomachache, constipation, diarrhea and headaches. If left untreated further accumulation of toxic waste may lead to serious chronic diseases including hypertension, ulcers, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer disease, migraine, heart disease, stroke and cancer

How Does Detoxification Work?

Basically, detoxification means cleaning the blood. It does this mainly by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. However, when this system is compromised, impurities aren't properly filtered and every cell in the body is adversely affected. The Best Solution for detoxifying our body is CUPPING THERAPY.

‘’Cupping therapy is a wonderful treatment, which activates the natural healing powers of the body. It is a treatment that shows immediate and long lasting results.’’

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping is an ancient Chinese method of causing local congestion. It has been practiced for thousands of years in almost every country for the treatment of diseases and pains. It is a form of treatment, which focuses on the movement of blood, energy and body fluids, which circulates around the body's tissues.
Oriental medicine states pain is due to stagnation of these systems. Cupping will activate and stimulate these systems.

How it’s done?

After the proper diagnose of disease, doctor will specify the points which has to be cupped, than with the help of specially designed cups, a partial vacuum is created on the skin by means of suction. This draws up the underlying tissues. When the cup is left in place on the skin for few minutes, blood stasis is formed and localized healing takes place.

How cupping therapy helps the body in healing?

Releasing Natural Painkillers: Our body has the tendency to kill the pain on its own; cupping will release those natural painkillers from body, which results in relieving pain.

Purifies blood and removes toxins: 70% of diseases, pains and weakness are due to the blood being unable to reach certain parts of the body, presence of toxins and other harmful substances. Cupping will improve blood circulation and removes toxins from body in a safe and easy way.

Strengthens Immune system: Our body’s lymph and blood carry oxygen and vital nutrients that our immune system relies on to fight illness and injury. Cupping therapy increases blood and lymph flow, the newly amplified oxygen and nutrients then aid in repairing damaged cells, thus enhancing immune function.

Opening of Meridians: According to the Chinese medicine meridians are conduits in the body through which energy flows to every part of the body and through every organ and tissue. Diseases and illnesses occur when your meridian channels are blocked. Opening up the channels can help speed recovery and bring about healing.

  • Activate the lymphatic system.

  • To clean paths of energy, this aids to strengthen the vitality of the body.

  • To suck medical remains of mixtures and toxics from the
     body that exist in blood gatherings between the skin and
           the muscles

  • To regulate hormones imbalance

  • Cupping decreases the percentage of harmful cholesterol (LDL) in blood.

  •  Increases the ratio of useful cholesterol in blood (HDL).

What are the side effects of cupping therapy?

Unlike the drugs, medicines and operations, which will have, side effects. The cupping therapy is free from any side effects. Except few marks which will come due to the stagnation of blood which will remain for few days. .

Is it painful?

No. It is not at painful.

Who will do cupping? Does Indian government license them?

Experienced and trained Doctors will do cupping. Yes they are licensed by Indian govt.

Does cupping therapy is known worldwide?

Yes. Cupping is done is almost all countries like China, US, UK, Germany, Australia, Middle East and so on

It is a new treatment how can we believe it will cure our illness?

Cupping is not a new treatment; it can be traced back from 5000 yrs. Definitely there has to be millions of satisfied patients from such a long period. Thanks to the latest research and technology, now science has proved the benefits of cupping therapy in treating numerous diseases. ‘International Cupping Society’ and ‘British Cupping Society’ have done Lot of research

How much time cupping session will take?

Cupping process for one session will take approximately 45 minutes.

How many times to do cupping?

Depends from how many years a patient is suffering from a particular disease, doctors will advice; it could be 4 to 5 sessions.

What about hygiene and safety?

Highly trained and professional doctors will do cupping, and we follow all the standards of hygiene and safety. We are certified by AP pollution board and also ISO 9001 2008.


  • Respiratory conditions: coughing, asthma, and bronchitis.
  • Musculo-skeletal conditions: aches and pain, arthritis, muscular injuries, joints pain.
  • Gastro-intestinal conditions: loose bowel, non-infectious diarrhea, and abdominal pain.
  • Strengthening the kidneys and urinary system.
  • Strengthening the body’s constitution.
  • Increasing memory and hair growth.
  • Back pain, cervical spondylosis.
  • Sexual problems and gynic problems 


Asif ashraf, CEO Paradise Group, Top ten award winner (APEC). ‘’I was suffering from migraine and heaviness in head from many years, after trying many treatments, I have undergone cupping therapy, I can’t believe my problem vanished in just 3 sessions. Thanks to Heal Health Care’’.

Mr. Rama chander age 48 yrs. Consultant IBM. suffering from arthritis. ‘’On advice of a friend I visited the doctor of cupping therapy centre and the treatment have been started with wet cupping and massage cupping at various points of my back and both legs. It has given the good results as my pain vanished, my size of the leg reduced now I am able to walk freely in just 4-5 sessions of cupping’’.
Mrs. Rekha Gour, age 32yrs. Housewife, Was suffering from Migraine, ‘’I have consulted the cupping therapist at Heal Health Care, they have treated me with few dry cups on various points of my Head. This treatment was done on daily basis. It has given me the miraculous results. The Headache has completely finished in 5 sessions of cupping’’.

Mr. Abdul Raheem age 55 yrs. ‘’I was suffering from eczema, without getting a long lasting result.  Later I happen to go Heal Health Care where I consulted doctor and was advised for wet cupping, massage cupping and deep dry cupping for 4 sessions. Cupping has given me the relief of 90%. Thanks to Heal Health Care cupping clinic now there is no more itching’’.

Where I can get this therapy done?

In Hyderabad Cupping therapy is only done in Heal Health Care. It is a Specialize clinic for cupping only.

Ph: 040-64532222, 93461 33330.


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